Do You Desire to Work Online but Don’t Know How?

Listen Carefully my Friend.

I’m well aware your intentions for contacting me about Online Home based Work were gallant: to provide for yourself and family all the things You never had, to spend more quality time with them, to help others like yourself grow and prosper. ( At the end of the post I have 2 free e-books For you plus three Fb Links to learn more ) …

Maybe you have tried out working online before, with people who promised you heavens. But you did not succeed at all.

Today you look in mirror and call yourself, “Loser!”

I know, YOU contacted me  because you want the same things I wanted before joining online work.Image result for lifestyle photo beach

You want to be your own boss, answer to no one … and earn a good living doing it over online from home. You want to go where you want, when you want. You want to spend $100 on dinner without batting an eye.

You want precious time NOW with those you love. You want the money and freedom to take a day or a week off every month maybe fly to some faraway island on a whim.

You want to work and socialize with the people you like and admire, who share outlook of life and your goals. You want the self-satisfaction of achieving your goals and dreams, and the self-fulfillment of helping others reach theirs. In short you want to be Financial Independent.

You desire to work online but you DON’T want more rejection, you don’t want to sell anything to anyone. And you are sure you don’t want your friends and relatives blacklist your phone call.

Good Stuff, Holy mackerel, it sounds just like me!

My purpose is to share with you what I’ve learned and practiced in the past years, and Present a 10-step plan you can use on your Smartphone or Computer from home and make money daily online.

Image result for lifestyle photo beachThe plan is NOT easy.

But it’s simple.

It’s NOT “I’ll do the all For you.’

I will give you all the guidance and it will work if YOU only follow the guidance.

It’s NOT “get-rich-quick scheme”

But you can create a lifetime residual income from the comfort of your seat at Home.

“What will you get If Bonface Amurega assists you?”,  you ask. That question is answered in my 4th step plan. Don’t worry. Helping you helps me. It’s part of my giving back to this great planet.

I wish you the absolute best, and I hope if it is your Desire to work online from home, you hold my hand. I believe this could change your life forever.

Are you ready, inbox me this words “Let’s make 2017 Great” via +254 790 159 322  on WhatsApp so that we get started immediately.

Who are some of the People who have benefited from online work from Home (Check Below).

What does the government say about online Work?

Is this online work Legal?

Can I meet you we talk face to face

Your income will keep growing forever as sales team increase in your team. The more you assist others, the more people in your team and the more income. Good news is, there is no corruption, nepotism or tribalism. You can introduce your close relatives and start business together.


Above is Evans Mutea – Student Technical University of Kenya making an average of Ksh 70,000 Monthly – Doing Business Part-Time. Here is EVANS STORY

Ibrahim Arandi – Ave Ksh 80,000 Monthly Used to Own a Dry-cleaner Machine

Here is his testimonial

Image may contain: text

Camillus Konjalo Adera Used to earn 1,500 in Insurance Job

Above is Jackline Mwende – Ave Ksh 80,000 Monthly

Used to be a Teacher. Here is Her testimonial

Doreen Mwangi – Hospital Lab Technician

Approx Ksh 30,000 – Doing SBC Part Time 

This is Bonface Amurega a university student making over Ksh 10,000+ on weekly basis working part-time

Eric W.Khisa used to be in a Job earning Ksh.40,000 monthly but after working in SBC for 3 years he’s now earning Approximetly  Ksh 160,000+ per Month Doing SBC Full Time read more by Clicking Here

 Here is His Testimonial

This is the power of working as a team
 This are some of the people who we have assisted and worked with in this business.
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Are you ready, inbox me this words “Let’s make 2017 Great”  via +254 790 159 322 on WhatsApp so that we get started immediately.

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