What No One Tells You on How To Be Rich

Hi Champion,,”Reality is merely an illusion” We basically live in a generation where young adults rather spend $40 on makeup, partying, clubbing etc. But when the opportunity to become your own boss presents itself in which you can make over $100 on a weekly basis working 1-2hrs a day over your smartphone , you can’t do it.

This simply means you aren’t ready to be financial free.
You don’t know what the future holds for you.
Until then, stay broke.

I’m glad I found this opportunity to be someone better in life. SBC is what I do and I’m proud of it💪

Check out the slides below to see how we rock in the business


LAUNCHING OF THE SBC Rift-Valley head Office in Eldoret by CEO and Founder of SBC  was one of the most exciting moment in SBC Calendar.

The new Branch will help members within the region expand and grow SBC Business in Kenya & East Africa as their Income & Success Explore.

Monday Mentor-ship training was amazing, and all top achievers were recognized. This is the beginning of a great future to all SBC members.

Rift-Valley Head office Branch in Eldoret is located at Safina House 2nd Floor Room No. 9 where all Training within the Region will be taking Place. Sooner we’ll be moving to all the parts of the World since it’s Now An International Business…

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Bonface Amurega

Earn money online from home by building wildly successful organisations. We offer programmes such as Online Advertising of our digital products, Online Marketing, E-Learning platform and Creating of online jobs due to the Advancement of Technology in the Modern wold which need innovative minds to take their businesses online.

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