My life was controlled by a Piece of Paper, Slaving Hard to make my Boss Rich

  • Success depends on which “Bank Account” of behavior you choose to draw on the poor or the Wealthy.

Today i feature a very powerful gentleman who has really inspired me and many others whose lives have changed completely with the program he runs….. Sit back AND relax…..

Not that long ago I was in programming job, working upwards 16+ hours a day and having no time at all to do what I wanted in life, I felt like I was a machine!

I’d wake up, check daily orders… and that was me set for the day! My life was controlled by a piece of  paper for 2 years  that was stuck on a wall! If I didn’t follow it I would get in trouble with my Boss, some life right?

Well, things have really changed since then and I want to share with you my online work results of how I went from a life of slavery in a programming Job to now spending more time with my loved once, travelling the world, working less than a couple of hours a day with nothing but my smart phone or laptop.

After being invited to attend a Business Opportunity Meeting in early 2014, I never expected my life will be transformer to the next level in such a shot period. When I was informed of working online I thought it was a pure Joke. So I booked for an appointment, attended my first training, paid the enrollment fee and began learning and working just by copy pasting what I was told to do.
In my First month of working hard my first income for that  was Ksh. 3,760 as shown below.

I was not exited by this income because in my previous JOB I was earning Ksh 40,000 per month.I was about to quit but my desire for Financial Freedom and Time pushed me into trying again. So I asked for assistance from my inviter to SBC. He share with me the core principles when it comes to working online. I placed everything into action and after 60 days their was a change in my income as I earned  Ksh 47,000  in April 2014 which is unbelievable to most people working online in Kenya.

Three years down the line  the growth has been amazing and working time has been reduced to 3-6 hours per day.

To me past Wednesday 15/3/2017 was  a Unique day as I marked a record of earning Ksh 122,200 within 14 days in 2017. It is unbelievable, reflecting back 3 years ago when I joined this e-commerce platform things were difficult on my side. I faced rejection from Friends and Family members, abuse from those I showed the opportunity and a lot of hate from bloggers and those who didn’t understand the mode of how SBC operates. Some claim it was a scheme, cone game designed to fall after 6 months but today being the 4th year we are still going strong.

Blocking my ears to haters and Dream Killers has taken me to the next Level as we empower people to create their own economy and earn a descent living by Working Smart Online via smart phone or Laptops💵.

The last 14 days of March 2017  has been the most shocking and amazing to me because Between Date 27/02/2017 to 05/03/2017  I earned Ksh 60,000 from SBC and  Check screen shot Below.

Between Date 06/03/2017 to 12/03/2017 I earned Ksh 62,200 from SBC as show Below.

In total Ksh 122,000 in 14 days which is Ksh 240,000 per month. SBC withdrawals are done on Sunday and payment is on Wednesday Every week..

NOTE: I share with you this not to brag but to inspire you, to let you know that, their is something genuine you can do in Kenya Online and be successful either Part-Time or Full-Time

  • My journey in SBC has not been too smooth, I have faced a lot of Rejection, received a lot of abuse and betrayal from close friends andbusiness relatives.
    My advice to young people is this,when it comes to online work you must  be, more proactive and develop less negativity, put your view in a nice way, develop skills, have patience, persist  and Focus more.”

All my growth for the past Three year in SBC, at list 70% has been on Facebook Profile, everything I’ve earned so far is pure profit, it’s quite a feat that’s for sure, and sometimes I even impress myself! But IT IS possible!
It all changed for me once I found a paying system and a mentor. Out of online work I have  managed to build my Personal home and spent more time with my young Family. 

“I really want to impress upon you that whatever it is you want to achieve it is possible!“

I’ve done it, helped many others achieve it so I know you can too!
If you are still reading to this point then I’m assuming that you too are looking for a better way of life or are ready for a massive change! I would love to have you come aboard my journey and allow me to help you create the lifestyle you desire!We learn this from the great book, Matt 8:10b) Freely you have received; freely give.


Question: With proper Guidance If I assisted you in making Ksh 15,000-30,000 Monthly working online via your Phone or Laptop Part-Time without interfering or affecting your daily activities, will you accept to work with me.  If  “YES” inbox me this “Am Ready Bonface” via WhatsApp +254 790 159 322. And I will get back to within 6 hours. Join My winning Team today as shown below.

I’m here for you! I hope to take you through this online  journey and help you just like I have hel

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