Poor people will do almost anything to avoid problems. They see a challenge and they run. The irony is that in their quest to make sure they don’t have problems, they have the biggest problem of all… they’re broke and miserable. The secret to success my friends, is not to try to avoid or get rid of or shrink from your problems; the secret is to grow yourself so that you are bigger than any problem.
Contrary to the rich, when the poor people hear about other people’s success, they often judge them, criticize them, and try to pull them down to their own level.
Rich people are almost always excellent promoters. They can and are willing to promote their products, their service and their ideas with passion and enthusiasm. What’s more, they’re skilled at packaging their value in a way that’s extremely attractive. If you think there’s something wrong with that, then let’s ban make-up for women, and while we’re at it, we might as well as get rid of suits for men. All that is nothing more than “packaging.”
Rich people usually own their own business in some form. They make their income from their profits.
Rich people believe in themselves. They believe in their value and their ability to deliver it. Poor people don’t. That’s why they need guarantees.”
Poor people either mismanage their money or they avoid the subject of money altogether. Many people don’t like to manage their money because, first they say they don’t have enough money to manage and secondly, they say it restrict their freedom.
Rich people think long-term. They balance their spending on enjoyment today with investing for freedom tomorrow. Poor people think short-term. They run their lives based on immediate gratification. Poor people use the excuse. “How can I think about tomorrow when I barely survive today?” The problem is that, eventually, tomorrow will become today; if you haven’t taken care of today’s problem, you’ll be saying the same thing again tomorrow too.
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Poor people work hard and spend all their money which results in their having to work hard forever. Rich people work hard, save and then invest their money so they never have to work hard again.
One of the biggest differences between RICH people and POOR people is that Rich people are willing to act in spite of fear. POOR people let fear stop them.
The rich here means anybody
The poor here means those who have a choice to remain poor or climb the ladder.
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Rich and successful people are solution-oriented, they spend their time and energy strategizing and planning the answers to challenges that come up and creating systems to make certain that problem doesn’t occur again.

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