This is How A 22yr old University student was able to start, grow and built an online business in less than 2 years now  making over ksh.80,000 monthly working on a part time basis

“On a part time basis, I am a proud Affiliate marketer with Social Biz Connect-The first social network that pays its members weekly!

Through my Success in Online/internet Marketing, I have gained a lot of recognition both locally and globally. I am an entrepreneur and a knowledge philanthropist and I use my success to mentor and help fellow entrepreneurs grow and build successful enterprises.

He Says,  “Am Currently A 3rd YEAR student Taking a Degree in Computer Science majoring in Communications and Computer Networks at THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KENYA.

Being the third born, all I had to do is follow what others had done. I therefore had no option but go through school and do well to be part of the family. All along I have been a great believer of Hard work and Self development. I have always displayed my (A) game in everything am involved in. Back in high school I knew very little if not nothing to do with entrepreneurship, except the few skills I learnt from my Dad during the holidays back at home. At this poi8nt I knew of going to school, scoring good grades and getting a well paying job as my only way to Succeed in Life. After hard work in high school, I managed to score the top grade thanks to GOD and this achievement made everyone close to me especially my family believed in me and my decisions. Am simply an A student but I always avoid talking about  it because of the reason being most A students in SCHOOL turn to be C and D student in LIFE. That’s what revolutionized my life.
Getting people to believe in you is not easy but to me ITS NOT OVER UNTIL I WIN, that’s my attitude. Credits to my very able Dad who occasionally reminded my 2 brothers, sister and I that whatever they had was through their own effort and thus belonged to him and his wife(Mom). I always remember of his words: ‘This IS my Car not Our Car’.This single phrase made me take full responsibility of my future bearing in mind that dad and mum owe me nothing after am through with my studies. After high school I was having a multiple of choices on which course to take in Campus. I had to go with something I was passionate about. I therefore chose Computer Science at the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KENYA and that is what am doing to date in my 3rd year.

However my life had a turn  around when I met SIR ERIC W KHISA on facebook with his internet marketing business model. He happens to be my Mentor in the business. He held my hand and taught me skills in Online marketing as well as Networking.


I have always stood firm on my career. I always affirm to myself that am not in school to get a JOB but to gain knowledge. Some people say that am proud but if you were in business you would understand what am talking about.
In the first place we do not have jobs and in case you get one, you will never get rich in a JOB. In case you do not understand this, I recommend my favorite book RICH DAD POOR DAD-by Robert T Kiyosaki.
RESEARCH shows that Kenyan universities and colleges release 800,000 graduates every year. The government can only absorb 50,000 of them.The remaining 750,000 join the unemployed CLUB.The Solution to this is entrepreneurship. Online Businesses are the easiest to start and run and require very minimal capital and that’s the reason I recommend what I do. I have been working online with SOCIAL BIZ CONNECT for an year now and the results are super Incredible. I am not only making a living online, but also making a fortune. I work for just a couple of  hours Online and Help others to do the same. I now make more than my counterparts in JOBs who have worked for even more that 5 years. The reason I make this much is because I have a duplicable SYSTEM that is made for me. Mine is just to put the system to work.
My ULTIMATE  dream is to make everything CHEAP. I believe that if I help just enough people get what they want in life, I will get all I want in life as well. This is the simple reason I invite you to come and have a look at the system that I use.”

Below is a screenshot of a WEEKLY Income earned with SBC M-pesa mode of payment.

Personally through Social Biz Connect alone, I have been able to earn over $10,000 in commissions alone. (a screenshot is below to confirm).This equates to ksh 1,000,000 in commissions working online Part-time.The entire of this amount has been paid to me via M-pesa on a weekly basis. Very few people can openly share such critical info due to their personal reasons or the companies they work with. For instance, Google Ad-sense-a platform many bloggers work with doesn’t allow sharing of your earnings and this gives a few people out there a reason/excuse to say am bragging. All i need them to understand is that am returning a favor. Someone did what am doing to me so i could learn about the opportunity and therefore its now my time and obligation to return the favor by giving YOU reading this a chance to achieve your goals working Online full-time or part-time.

Going back to SWOT analysis, Online marketing has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats.I found out that the industry’s strengths and opportunities outweigh the weakness and Threats.Online Marketing is an idea whose time has come and nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Through the business,I was able to start my own clothing store a dream i have had since i was in highschool that is located in Nairobi CBD but with full online presence called .

Going forward, i have made a commitment to double my efforts to achieve more in the coming months. By doing this, i will give more young people a big enough reason to believe in the industry and confidence to get started.I will also give a rare chance to more people to work on their dreams.


That’s his story. He has inspired me and many others in our industry to gain wealth through the internet.Are you wondering how guys are making it?


Kindly contact us on SMS/whatsapp +254790159322 with the word JOIN NOW

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