Bonface Amurega is Currently A  student Taking a Degree in ACTUARIAL SCIENCE MAJORING IN FINANCIAL RISKS AND UNCERTAINTIES AT UNIVERSITY OF ELDORET. On a part time basis, I am a proud Affiliate marketer with Social biz Connect-The first social network that pays its members. Through my Success in Online/internet Marketing, I have gained a lot of recognition both locally and globally.I am an entrepreneur and a knowledge philanthropist and I use my success to mentor and help fellow entrepreneurs grow and build successful enterprises.

Success takes a spirit of Adventure and an Aptitude for bravery
It’s now almost a Year now since I joined SBC(The fastest growing network marketing company that pays its Affiliates). I was just a common university student faced with the disease “brokenness” And then this home-based business just kind of fell in my lap. Well, I took a look, liked what I saw, got involved, and using the system they taught me. Went to work on a very part time basis…..I joined the business with the Aim of making at least Ksh8,000 monthly
Today, just a few months later, I average at least Ksh 12,000 every single week working it part-time 2-3 hrs a day. What I expected to make monthly now making more than that on a weekly basis. Below is one of the screenshots of what I do receive every week. I now can manage myself,,, Am healed from the common disease of “brokenness”.

I guess you could say that getting involved with this business continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Some Affiliates make slightly more or less than this depending on the hours each work a day….
This is a lucrative way towards financial Freedom.. A proven system to rock with…I was invited by a selfless individual From Facebook,,, that’s the reason am sharing out the opportunity to Anyone who may have seeked for a way towards financial freedom or Anyone in any Industry who may want some extra income…..
One of my mentor said,, “Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive Person,
Success is not something you pursue”
If interested and ready to rock with SBC just comment JOIN NOW or inbox me via 254790159322,,, I’ll help you get the way forward 💰💰💰
Kick it up a notch! In order to reach your goals, pay off your bills, get unstuck or get rid of that toxic relationship, it will require a commitment on your part to kick it up a notch. It will take more work, more diligence and a greater commitment to create a life that you can be proud of and feel good about. Kick it up a notch!
Focus on recharging your batteries, and clearing out all of the things in your life that no longer fit or do not represent who you are. Move with a sense of urgency to create a space that allows you to become centered, grounded and connected with your mental, emotional and spiritual power. Kick it up a notch! You have GREATNESS within you!